NEWS UPDATE! Now We are ready to certify the following products :

*Ceramic / Granite Tiles  *Gypsum Board  *Cement Board  *Paint & Coating  *Sanitary Products (Toilets)  *Polymer Pipes (PVC, HDPE & PPR)  *Light Steel  *Rolled Steel  *Portland Cement  *Instant Mortar  *Biodegradable Plastic & Bioplastic Films  *Glass  and  *Aluminium  




What is Green Product Council Indonesia?

Green Product Council (GPCI) is a non-government and non-profit organization that cares about the environment in the use of industrial materials, especially building material products. GPCI was established on December 2015 to encourage the entire community to pay attention to environmental aspects in the use of building material products that are green and environmental friendly.

Through assessment standard or rating tools compiled by professional experts, GPCI issued Green Label Indonesia, the green product certification that have met the standard required that audited by professional auditor institutions.

The category or type of green product standard being compiled by the rating team not only focus on building materials, but will also lead to interior and cleaning products. Currently, GPCI has been ready to certify the following product category :

1) Ceramic / Granite Tiles

2) Gypsum Board

3) Cement Board

4) Paint & Coating

5) Sanitary Products (Toilets)

6) Polymer Pipes (PVC, HDPE & PPR)

7) Light Steel

8) Rolled Steel

9) Portland Cement

10) Instant Mortar

11) Biodegradable Plastic & Bioplastic Films

12) Glass

13) Aluminium